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Its about empowering Melbournes inner-city residents to create and maintain lush balcony gardens.

Melbournes architectural inheritance of beautiful Victorian-era balconies is an untapped, un-enjoyed resource, while new inner city developments are built with balconies that go unused. The Future as it could be:Inner-city residents create balcony gardens in which they spend time each day sitting, eating breakfast, diary writing or debriefing after work. These balcony or edge gardens are an expression of the owners character and maybe their fantasies, they could be the single area in the persons life where the total environment is under their control and Their balcony gardens are sustainable as gardens: they have healthy soil, a constantly available water supply (pond, hose, full watering can) and a place for the resident to sit comfortably.

There may be jungle balconies, English country garden balconies, Singapore-style tropical enclosed balconies, Permaculture food-forest balconies, Mardi-Gras balconies, Surfie balconies. In the Resources page sponsors and garden-related organizations provide practical information such as how to save seed, where to buy rare-breed seeds, trouble-spotting for worm-farms, and discount pots Balcony of the Month is judged by high-profile gardening personalities, winners are awarded a prizes by sponsor the site. Also find the other picture or article about Balcony Garden Ideas Pictures We hope it can help you to get information of the picture

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