Stocking A Feng Shui Fish Pond

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Fish Pool Design, Stocking A Feng Shui Fish Pond Fish Pool Design

A fish pond is a bit different than simply having a fountain or other water feature.

Ponds are often thought of as stagnant, which is not good Feng Shui. Most ponds can also be designed to incorporate a small fountain and you'll need a filter to keep the pond clean for the fish, which automatically gets the water moving. Making a pond in your yard is a fairly easy project.

Check with a local nursery or home improvement store and they usually have instructions and even kits to make your pond. New York City dwellers, consider a small rooftop pond to go with a rooftop garden. Be careful not to place your pond too close to existing trees as falling leaves will create debris and the tree could stifle the flow of positive chi from the pond.

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