Modern Bathroom Design Ideas For Contemporary Homes

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Ultra Modern Bathroom, Modern Bathroom Design Ideas For Contemporary Homes Ultra Modern Bathroom

Aquatic Thermal Bathroom by designer Didem HazinedarTakinginspiration from the Turkish bathroom culture, which emphasizes thefact that cleaning of the body should be accompanied with cleaning ofthe soul, Didem Hazinedar has designed a luxurious bathroom concept thatis comfortable, spacious and offers different cleaning operations togive you a relaxing and purifying bath.

Greener Bathroom by Indian designer Dipesh ParmarGreenerBathroom concept is a stylish yet environment friendly approach towardsmodeling a contemporary bathroom. Bathroom Design by Karim RashidDesigner Karim Rashid has opened up the possibilities to give your bathroom interiors a spiky and revolutionary look with his bathroom furniture design range called Kawa. Modern Nature Bathroom concept by Marc ArcoeThe Modern Nature Bathroom concept designed by Marc Arcoe blends the beauty and tranquility of nature inside your bathroom in the form of a sprouting sink, grass wall and rainfall shower.

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