20 Of The Most Gorgeous Minimalist Homes

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Minimalist House, 20 Of The Most Gorgeous Minimalist Homes Minimalist House

People in the United States have a reputation for one wanting the biggest and the best of everything.

  The idea of ‘the bigger, the better’ is somewhat engrained in the culture here – and some people have turned that statement into their lives.  After all, most people feel like that’s why they work as hard as they do – so that they can have something to show for it. Over the years; however, there have been several movements to counteract this behavior and the minimalist movement is one of this thing.

 This movement, which is all about simplifying, has become popular in the home design industry.  With this design style, people cut the frills and unnecessary features, and try to make their home a more efficient space by elicited the excess.  To most people, this seems like a good idea – for someone else.

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