Traipsing Among The Trees

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Kids Tree House, Traipsing Among The Trees Kids Tree House

Created by Sharon Davis Design, the 350-square-foot treehouse has two levels: the main level and a crow’s nest.

Entry to the structure is through a custom climbing net and a trap door; the second level is accessed via a ladder on the first floor leading up to a second trap door. At the very top, in the crow’s nest, you’ll find a beautiful mahogany writing desk and an area open to the view toward the meadow and apple orchard. When you’re ready to leave the top level, a twisty stainless steel slide will deposit you back on the first level.

Just under the slide is another net that acts as a sweet lounge area. The view from this side of the treehouse is a wide vista of the Hudson River Valley. On the opposite end of the structure, a little balcony looks back toward the main house on the property.

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