High Quality Modular Homes In Berkeley Springs, Wv

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Modular Homes, High Quality Modular Homes In Berkeley Springs, Wv Modular Homes

Modular homes are houses that are divided into multiple modules or sections which are then manufactured in a remote facility and then delivered to their intended site.

The modules are assembled into a single residential building using either a crane or trucks. Modular components are typically constructed within a large indoor facility on assembly lines much like Henry Ford originally instituted with his automobile company. Such facilities use an assembly line track to move the modules from one workstation to the next.

Independent building inspectors are on site to supervise the construction and ensure that all building codes are adhered to during assembly. We work with some of the best manufacturers in the country. We work with Manorwood, Muncy Homes, Colony Factory Crafted Homes, Champion and North American Housing homes to provide the best up-to-date quality construction and technology designed to save you money for years to come.

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