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Modern Bunk Beds, 13 Modern Bunk Bed Ideas — The Little Design Corner Modern Bunk Beds

Do you have a child who is desperate for a bunk bed? Although many parents worry about the safety aspects of a bunk, I personally gave in a year or so ago and bought my son one when we moved house.

It's a handy way of having an extra bed in the house, without it taking up more floor space - and it's of course great for kids who share a room or for older kids who have started having mates over for sleep overs. We chose one that is relatively low to the ground and luckily we haven't had any falls so far (fingers crossed!) But when I was looking around to buy a bunk I had a lot of trouble finding one that was modern and suited the style of the rest of my house. Today I decided I would put together some of my favourite examples of modern bunk beds and modern styling of bunks.

Some are fairly expensive (like the Ouef Perch below) and others are inexpensive beds that have simply been painted and styled really well. So no matter what your taste or budget you should find something that you like!  This next one is from RafaKids - a brand of modern kids furniture that I featured back on this post a while ago. This is a great modular option if you have kids of very different ages or if you want to have just the bunk up the top and play space or desk underneath.

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