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Manahil Textiles Home About us Manufacturng Spinning Weaving Yarn Dyeing Processing Design Stitching Quality Control Products Towels & Washcloth Bedding Sets Comforters Kitchen Liner Hospital & Institutional Babies & Infants Open Stock Individual Sheets Fitted Sheets Apparels Feedback Contact us Untitled Document PRODUCTS             Towels & Washcloth Bedding Set Comforters Kitchen Linen Hospital Institutional Baby textiles Individual Sheets Fitted Sheets Apparels MANUFACTURING Spinning Weaving Yarn Dyeing Processing Design Stitching Quality Control Bedding Set Here at Manahil Textiles we offer a wide range of bedding sheet sets from 180 Thread counts to 1000TC both in 100% Cotton & poly-cotton fine soft finished weaved.

A beautiful set of bed linen can make all the difference to the overall look of your bedroom. However there are a few key aspects that you need to consider when purchasing your ideal bed linen set. Firstly and perhaps most importantly is the bed linen size.

However, other important factors to consider include thread count and bed linen materials. We’re proud to offer our customers a wide range of bed linen products, available in a range of colors, materials, sizes and designs, you'll be spoilt for choice. Drift off to sleep on beautiful bedding - make your bed a sumptuous retreat and r-e-l-a-x with luxurious bedding worthy of royalty.

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