Philadelphia Gardens Of Delight

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The House On The Terrain, Philadelphia Gardens Of Delight The House On The Terrain

WHY GO: It’s amazing how many gardens you’ll discover in Philadelphia; some landscaped, others with nary a fern, plant, or even dirt.

  You’ll find that the word “Garden” can be interpreted in many ways, from shops to restaurants (no, not the one that starts with Olive) to eccentric creations.   This Getaway highlights some well known and lesser known aspects of this late-blooming city – with enough to keep you busy for at least a weekend. What To Do in Philadelphia, PA VISIT: Magic Garden.

Wandering this “Visionary Art Space,” is like being trapped inside a kaleidoscope. Colors, mirrors, figures within figures initially emerged from a troubled mind.   Long story short, mosaic artist, Isaiah Zagar had a paralyzing mental breakdown.

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