24 Tiny Island Ideas For The Smart Modern Kitchen

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Small Island Kitchen, 24 Tiny Island Ideas For The Smart Modern Kitchen Small Island Kitchen

Should a modestly sized kitchen have an island at its heart, or would it be better to just do away with this addition? This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we encounter, and as with any design choice, the answer depends on your kitchen dynamics, family needs and the available space.

But there is absolutely no reason why small kitchens cannot have a gorgeous island at their center. A smart kitchen island is the perfect way to extend your prep zone, create a simple breakfast nook and even provide additional storage space. Tiny kitchen islands solve this problem with ingenuity and elegance.

While there was a time when homeowners wanted grand and spacious kitchens that allowed them to incorporate extravagant islands, today’s design trend puts functionality and smart solutions ahead of sheer size. A tiny kitchen island can pack quite a punch when used right, and it even promises to enhance the aesthetics of your small kitchen. Think Flair and Square! When it comes to large kitchen islands, we always dissuade our readers from picking a square option unless they absolutely want it.

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