Tooth Tales Pediatric Dental Office

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Dental Office Interior Design, Tooth Tales Pediatric Dental Office Dental Office Interior Design

Traditionally, most dental offices are cold, sterile spaces, maybe with walls painted yellow, crown molding and a small colorful space in the corner for the kids, in an attempt to create a ‘comforting and inviting’ space… At Tooth Tales, the Dental Space typology is redefined and breaks down these negative perceptions by creating a welcoming environment that appeals to the young patients and their parents.

The use of wall graphics continues into the private treatment rooms, contrasted again by the crispness of the white backgrounds and are designated by different colors and a shift in the graphic wall patterns, again using Sparky as the base pattern. Through materiality, lighting, color and form, the spaces appear to be more open and inviting, allowing for a greater transparency and perception of spatial depth, than the actual fully programmed spatial dimensions allow. Also find the other picture or article about Dental Office Interior Design We hope it can help you to get information of the picture