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Spa Bathroom Design Ideas, Ideas for Bathroom spa Spa Bathroom Design Ideas

I don’t know about you, but busting the family budget for relaxing spa treatments is something I have a hard time justifying, no matter how frazzled I am.

Not necessarily because of the massage quality (although their deep tissue and hot stone treatments are oh-so-phenomenal), but because of the full day access to the rest of the spa that you get whenever you book a treatment. It’s one of the best bargains in Vegas and includes this enormous sunken Jacuzzi that’s the size of a small swimming pool, relaxing chairs to recline while enjoying ice chilled facial towels and cucumber slices for your eyes, giant steam room, loads of relaxing quiet Zen atmosphere, your own locker…why am I going on about this?Getting changed into a comfy warm robe and relaxing in plush reclining seats with healthy snacks and lemon infused spring water for an hour or so before your massage really gets you relaxed to enjoy the experience. One of the sexiest modern shapes for candle jars I’ve seen is at Linens and Things.

Shop the supply stores Bulk towels, comfy robes, professional pump bottles, paraffin treatment supplies, new files, professional grade grooming tools…these are all things you can purchase reasonably at beauty and hotel supply places. They clean easily with simple homemade products and roll out of the way for thorough floor scrubbings. Instead, use what you would have spent on a few spa treatments on transforming your bathroom into your own personal spa.

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