10 Modern Chairs that Revolutionized Furniture Forever

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Furniture, 10 Modern Chairs that Revolutionized Furniture Forever Furniture

Considered art in their own right, these 10 modern chairs revolutionized the way we sit– and turned the act of rest into a thing of beauty.

Starting out strong, the Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe is one of the most iconic chairs of the modern movement, a Bauhaus-era classic that is cherished the world over. Today, nearly 80 years later, an official Barcelona Chair produced by Knoll will run you around $6,300 at retail, making it a pricey piece of art for your living room or office. When Breuer completed the chair in 1926, Bauhaus colleague and painter Wassily Kandinsky admired the chair greatly, prompting Breuer to build a pair of duplicates for the artist.

The Bertoia Diamond ChairItalian sculptor and furniture designer Harry Bertoia created a collection of welded metal chairs that made him an icon in the world of contemporary furniture. In 1955, Bertoia delivered the Diamond Chair to Knoll, a woven metal-framed chair with soft, knit cushioning. The Diamond Chair was released in many colors, shapes and iterations, including a full chaise lounge and other pieces.

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