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Is there some simple software available that can be used to design the interior, decks and cabin for an existing hullNo, I am afraid not.

That is because in order to design a proper interior, you need to know, with considerable detail, what the internal shape of the hull is. You also have to know where all the weight is located, and least the heaviest stuff, so that what you build will allow the boat to float correctly, have sufficient stability, and run in a more or less predictable way. The only way to handle all this stuff on a computer is to take detailed measurements of the hull, inside and out, feed that information into a hull design program (I use ProSurf), and then use a drafting program (I use AutoCad) to do the detailed design.

If you don't have these programs, there is still a lot to be said for graph paper, pencil, and an eraser. There is still nothing quite as creative as these materials in the grips of a nimble mind. Computers are just tools, as are graph paper and pencil.

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