World’s First Underwater Restaurant

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Underwater Restaurant, World’s First Underwater Restaurant Underwater Restaurant

the view is ALWAYS changing, NEVER the same from one moment to the next….

. i’d go to this restaurantMarch 17, 2009@ 11:42 amMy only question is how do they get the food down there…. .

March 17, 2009@ 2:18 pmYeah, it’s all fun and games, until a fat guy goes scuba diving in the same area and decides to moon everyone while their eating…March 17, 2009@ 3:17 pmThis is definitely photoshopped. March 17, 2009@ 4:31 pmIt absolutely is photoshopped, you can tell because there is NO WAY that glass would hold up to the pressure exerted at the depths that sting rays live. March 17, 2009@ 6:33 pmHow funny would it be eating away and then a big fat naked guy swam past.

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